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PHA 6935 Veterinary Pharmacy


This one-of-a-kind course serves as the premier source for education of pharmacy students in veterinary pharmacy utilizing distance eduction. The courses allow all interested students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in this growing field of veterinary pharmacy and veterinary therapeutics. In the 10+ years that the course has been offered, over 2000 pharmacy students have participated from 60 different schools of pharmacy in North America.

This 2-credit hour course will provide instruction on the uses and indications of medications used in the treatment of diseases affecting animal patients. For more information, see the syllabus in PDF format.

Upon completing this course, students will have obtained knowledge and skills that can positively impact educational, veterinary and economic outcomes by applying their drug knowledge resources to veterinary situations. This course will provide valuable instruction on the uses and indications of human and veterinary labeled medications used in the treatment of diseases affecting animal patients. Common animal disease states affecting small animals, large animals and food animals will be presented and discussed. Legal and regulatory issues that affect the practice of veterinary pharmacy will be emphasized. Exploration and utilization of text and internet-based veterinary-specific resources will be highlighted. Additionally, current topics in veterinary medicine and veterinary pharmacy will be discussed.


Pharmacists in suburban or rural community settings often receive prescriptions from veterinarians for animal patients. To prepare graduates to meet the legal counseling requirements and to prevent or resolve drug-related problems, instruction on veterinary disease states and the human and veterinary prescription medications used to treat these conditions is warranted.

Note to University of Florida Students:

Those wishing to receive credit for this course need to first check with the graduate coordinators of their respective departments. UF Pharm.D. students may receive credit for this course, but are only authorized to take the summer section for credit.

Note to Non-UF Students:

Students new to the University of Florida system who wish to take this course as an elective for other institutions, for continuing education outside of a degree-seeking program, or do not otherwise wish to apply to a University of Florida program at this time need to complete the admission steps.

Follow all instructions carefully and complete all sections. There is not an application fee.

Transfer of credit instructions after completion of the course:

Transcripts are not automatically sent to the student after each term and must be requested by the student.

To gain access to your unofficial transcript online, via at UF. You will need your gatorlink ID username and password. Once in the system, click on ‘records’ and ‘unofficial transcripts’. If you have graduated or not taken courses for more than a term, you will not have access to the unofficial electronic transcript.

For official transcripts, follow the Transcript Request Procedures (PDF) to request transcripts from the Registrar. Grade transcripts can be requested only after the grades are released through ISIS. If you have a valid Gatorlink username and password you can login to and verify if the grades have been posted to the transcript before ordering the transcript.


Elaine Blythe, PharmD
Associate Professor, St. Matthew’s University, School of Veterinary Medicine. Cayman Island, BWI.
Adjunct, University of Florida College of Pharmacy
Pharmacist, National Veterinary Response Team – 5
Adjunct, West Texas A&M University, Department of Agricultural Sciences
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