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PharmD Electives

Online PharmD Electives

The University of Florida provides a variety of fascinating electives that can help you round out your PharmD studies. You can take a course this summer and start your next year off ahead of the crowd. Choose a subject of interest to you or one that may help you in your future career. These courses are all entirely online.

Each course is $575 per credit hour plus student fees. The classes are offered through the UF College of Pharmacy’s Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy or the Department of Medicinal Chemistry.

Please verify with your home institution that the credits are transferable. Once you have completed the class you can request a transcripts be sent to your school: UF Transcript Request


Tuition is $575 per credit hour plus fees for all students, regardless of location. Our program does not accept the UF EEP or Florida State Tuition Waiver. We are an off-book program and do not receive funds from these programs.

Students will pay Capital Improvement/Technology fees.

All Courses

PHA 6357: Herbal and Dietary Supplements

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida offers a course in herbal and dietary supplements to healthcare professionals interested in advancing their knowledge in this growing field.
Credits: 3

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PHA 6556: Introduction to Clinical Toxicology

This 3-credit course, which is based on written modules, is structured to comprehensively provide the student with the fundamental concepts of clinical toxicology. Specifically, basic methods and procedures commonly employed in Clinical Toxicology are introduced and explained as well as the concept of Clinical Toxicology as an interdisciplinary science within the field of healthcare. We aim to supplement this information with frequent case studies, detailed module objectives and critical thinking exercises using online journal articles and assignments for each module.
Credits: 3

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PHA 6557: Clinical Toxicology 1

Clinical Toxicology 1 is a 3-credit course that provides students with knowledge about the toxic effects of a number of important therapeutic drug classes as well as additional insight into a number of organ systems that have not been covered in General Toxicology. Specifically, the course will cover the cardiovascular principles and which important drug classes are commonly involved with toxic side effects that might present to healthcare professionals.
Credits: 3

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PHA 6935: Veterinary Pharmacy

This one-of-a-kind course serves as the premier source for education of pharmacy students in veterinary pharmacy utilizing distance eduction. The courses allow all interested students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in this growing field of veterinary pharmacy and veterinary therapeutics. In the 10+ years that the course has been offered, over 2000 pharmacy students have participated from 60 different schools of pharmacy in North America.
Credits: 2

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PHA 6852: Mammalian Molecular Biology

This course will focus on the principles of modern molecular biology and biochemistry and expand on the concepts you may have already encountered in other classes in this program. The content will also include the application of experimental techniques and procedures routinely used in this field.

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PHA 6855: Forensic Genetics

This is a foundation course in human molecular genetics designed to provide an understanding of basic genetic principles. This precursor to forensic DNA analysis will address some of the important issues in genetics including genome mapping and the role of gene dysfunction in disease.

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Course Schedule

Course # Course Title Credits Spring Summer Fall
PHA 6935 Veterinary Pharmacy 2 X X X
PHA 6357 Herbal & Dietary Supplements 3 X X
PHA 6556 Introduction to Clinical Toxicology 3 X X X
PHA 6557 Clinical Toxicology 1 3 X X
PHA 6852 Mammalian Molecular Biology 3 X X
PHA 6855 Forensic Genetics 3 X X X

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All students (including current UF PharmD students) wishing to take any of our online PharmD electives should apply using the admission steps at the link below.

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